As one of the first Norwegian licensed payment providers, ZTL is ready to improve the financial ecosystem with a unique payment service that can be embedded into other systems.

The license was approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) on April 6th, 2020. ZTL also got PSD2 licenses for Payment Initiation and Account Information.

– This is an important milestone for us, and an acknowledgment that we have the technology and organization in place to start challenging the business models and transactional infrastructure in European banking, says Andreas Bjerke – CEO at ZTL.

Through smart technology and with globally connected banks, ZTL offers more cost-effective and seamless payment services. The payment will be initiated and approved in one go. The security will also increase at the same time as the chances of making an error will be reduced, a win-win. For international payments, the customers will be offered a real-time competitive exchange rate. Most importantly, the service will work, in the background, without the customers needing to pay special attention to payments. 

ZTL is a challenger to the existing payment industry.
– Our service opens up for new payment services to be developed also with an emphasis on smaller and medium-sized enterprises. ZTLs onboarding is fully digital, giving the customer immediate access. The service will be available directly in the accounting system and works without changing bank, says Camilla Kamberg – CPO at ZTL.

With the license in place, ZTL can move on to the final testing of the solution. Selected accounting systems will pilot the solution in the months to come.

– That puts us one step closer to leveling the playing field between small enterprises and large financial institutions, Andreas says. 

Andreas Bjerke / ZTL